Welcome to WelFarm

Use your dashboard to monitor your herd health and welfare. As various herd level metrics are entered throughout the season your dashboard will populate and the strength of the benchmarks will grow.

When there are several seasons with of data available, herd trends can be monitored with comparative reporting. And your vet may also choose to use this platform to develop your herd’s Wellbeing plan.

It’s great to have you on board!

What's next?

Relationship framework

Pre-planned season touchpoints

Data captured & entered

Vet team gather data and enter it into the portal

Reporting & benchmarking

Regional and national benchmarking populates and provides context

Feedback & recommendations

Vets add feedback and recommendations

Monitor and manage herd

Farmers manage herd accordingly

Annual farm review

Annual review with vet, plan ahead including wellbeing plans

Where do I go for further information?

Our website is full of info and we update our tips and info section regularly with helpful articles about utilising your data. We are always keen to hear what else you’d like to see, all suggestions are welcome! info@welfarm.co.nz

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Summer special - Earn $50 credit!

Refer another farmer to join WelFarm and we'll credit you both $50 on your account at your vet clinic!

Email info@welfarm.co.nz with your farm name, supply number & vet clinic as well as the details of the referred farm

Both farms must be using WelFarm in the 2023/24 season, can be from different vet clinics, max 3 referrals per farm (or 2 if you're a newbie yourself), Valid till 1 April 2024.

New drug reports

New reporting is available to give you a rough idea of the amount of antibiotics you've been using in comparison to other farms.

Roughly, how much of the herd received mastitis treatment (or general antibiotics or DCT) - check out your dashboard to see your figures 

Do you use pain relief?

Check out this article on Stuff about how pain relief can help cows recover faster - here

Did you spot us on Farmers Weekly?

Check out this article promoting tail scoring on the Farmers Weekly website: Link here

Now capturing BVD monitoring

WelFarm is now capturing Preventative Health information, starting with whether herds are BVD monitoring and what types of monitoring they are doing. Check it out on the dashboard


New Tail Score graph

Tail score results are now broken down to show the portions of each type of abnormality detected among the herd

New Locomotion Score graph

The scores are now broken down to show what portion of the herd was at each score

Why do farmers use WelFarm?

Check out our latest article on the benefits of proactive herd monitoring here

Automated link for Fonterra suppliers

WelFarm Animal Wellbeing plans are now pre-approved by Fonterra.

When the plans are made by vets in the WelFarm portal we will automatically notify Fonterra on the farm's behalf - meaning the farm won't need to produce a physical copy of their report at their next on-farm assessment 

WelFarm is a finalist at Fieldays!

The "WelFarm Wellbeing Plan" has been selected as a finalist in the 2022 Fieldays Innovation Awards.

The exciting opportunity gives the wider programme exposure to farmers and industry

If you're coming to Fieldays we'd love to see you - come find us in the Innovation Hub.